Why Choose Our Central Vacuums?

Improved Indoor Air Quality
Astro-Vac / Vacu-Maid central vacuums eliminate dust recirculating in your home, unlike most portable vacuum cleaners, which leave the most harmful fine dust recirculating in the air. Our central vacuums are vented outdoors and greatly reduces allergy and asthma symptoms.

Add Permanent Value to Your Home
Don't waste time and money on other vacuum cleaners when you can have a Astro-Vac/Vacumaid central vacuum system easily installed in your new or existing home with no heavy construction or remodeling.

Protect Investments
Not only does an Astro-Vac/Vacumaid central vacuum system add value, but it's also the first line of defense in protecting the thousands of dollars you have invested in your home's floor covering: rugs, carpets, stone, tile, wood, etc.

Our central vacuums clean everything from pets to spilt milk!